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Recreation Center Rentals

Multi-Purpose Room 1 $40/per hour, 45 Capacity

Multi-Purpose Room 2 $40/per hour, 45 Capacity

Multi-Purpose Room 3 $40/per hour, 45 Capacity

Board Room $40/per hour, 14 Capacity

Kitchen Charge $25 per day

1 Side of the Gym $500 per day

Full Gym $1,000 per day

Birthday Party/Aquatics Party $80 for 3 hours, 30 Capacity (including adults) *reminder any playground, basketball, or swimming party – have to have a multipurpose room*

Murphree/Washington/Academy Street

1 Hour: $20      2 Hours: $30      3 Hours: $40     4 Hours: $50      4+ Hours: $80

Pike County Lake Rentals

Wedding and Reception $500

The wedding can take place on the dock, the grounds of the property or the conference center. The reception can be held in the conference center. Please keep in mind that public fishing will be ongoing throughout the day. Absolute maximum of 50 people in the conference center.

Miscellaneous Event $350

Limited to four hours, miscellaneous events include, but are not limited to, after-rehearsal dinners, reunions, special dinners, or any other miscellaneous occasion. Your event can not exceed 50 people. If more than four hours, $50 per additional hour.

Meeting/Conference $250

Limited to four hours, enough tables and chairs for a maximum of 50 people. Projector, screen, microphone, podium and kitchen included. If more than four hours, $50 per additional hour.

Birthday Party/Shower/Gender Reveal $125

Limited to two hours, you can reserve the conference room for birthday parties or showers. Your event can not exceed 50 people. If more than two hours, $50 per additional hour.

Sportsplex Rental

Baseball/Softball Tournament Rate: $125 per day per baseball or softball field

Soccer Tournament Rate: $125 per field per day

Standard Day Rental Time: 6am-midnight

For more information contact Cassidy at (334) 566-4031 or by email

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